Meal Planning Made Simple

  • Weekly Meal Planning
  • Fast Recipes Kids Will Love
  • Savings at Your Grocery Store
  • Organized Grocery List
  • Stress-Free Mom

Here's What People Are Saying:

  • It brings the family together.
  • I love the printable grocery list.
  • Food on the Table gives me new ideas.
  • It helps me to be more organized.
  • The recipes are so easy to follow!
  • It's just fantastic!!!!
  • It is fun to use.
  • Easy to find recipes by items. I can look in the freezer to see what meat I have and find a meal quickly.
  • I love that the ingredients can be automatically added to my grocery list. Makes life just that much easier!
  • It's great it is coordinates with the local grocery store sales!
  • I get to select the meals I want and FontheT prepares my grocery list & lets me know what's on sale!
  • I love the ability to see the sale items for the week and save while I'm planning!
  • It takes the chaos and stress out of my life and makes me feel like I'm a good mama and wife!
  • I appreciate the nice layout of the website. I can easily search for recipes while seeing my current meal plan on the screen.
  • I like the new recipes, it's easy to use and best of all I can find the items on sale at my favorite grocery stores.
  • This makes my life so much easier! I can provide quick, healthy and yummy food for my family, have the list in my phone to keep me from impulse buying, know the sales and use them and all in a just a few quick minutes. Just got a new android - can't wait to try the app - thanks for letting me know you had one.
  • Helps me use ads to choose meal plans and help making grocery list. I just love this. I also like that picking out a plan ahead of time makes the daily meal preparations go so smoothly. No more standing with a blank stare at the frig!
  • It gives me a whole bunch of gluten free recipes in one place with the meal planner and all the possibilities, I'm in heaven!
  • Love your program - I have lost 15 lbs since I started your program. If I continue like this I will have met my goal plus have all these wonderful recipes. Thank you!

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