The Grocery List Is The Key To The Grocery Store

An organized grocery list is the key to saving time and money in the grocery store. When you have a list organized by department you avoid backtracking through the aisles when you forget something.

Getting in and out of the store quickly is highly correlated to saving money. Studies show that each additional minute you spend in the grocery store over thirty (30) minutes results in spending $1 per minute.

Remember that taking the time to develop a grocery list is worth the investment, which can be less than the time spent returning to the store for a forgotten item.

Tips for making great grocery lists:

  • Develop a master grocery list template for ongoing use,
  • Organize the list by categories,
  • Make items you use every week a permanent part of your master list,
  • List brand names, can sizes, and amounts to eliminate guesswork in the grocery store.

The Organized Grocery List from Meal Planning by

If developing your own grocery list template sounds daunting, try Meal Planning by meal planning service that includes an organized grocery list. Meal Planning by does the heavy lifting to give you:

  • Grocery store savings at your store,
  • An aisle by aisle printable grocery list,
  • Personalized weekly menu plan.

Here's how the meal planning service works:

  • Choose what you like to eat
  • Select your dietary preferences
  • Note which day you like to go shopping
  • Choose your plan (3 months, 6 months, 12 months)
  • Get your weekly menu delivered to your app
  • Shop & Save

Benefits of the Meal Planning by grocery list:

  • Organized by department,
  • Makes items you use every week a permanent part of your grocery list,
  • Includes all the ingredients for the recipes in your weekly meal plan,
  • Highlights the sale items and includes descriptions so you know what to look for,
  • Shows the quantities for items on your list,
  • Allows you to add items that aren't a part of your meal plan,