Meal Plan with Easy Dinner Recipes

  • weekly meal plan
  • + fast recipes kids will love
  • + savings at your grocery store
  • + organized grocery list
  • = stress-free mom

Easy Dinner Recipes For Your Meal Plan

Making a meal plan with easy dinner recipes means you can avoid the stress of the "What's for Dinner" question. The meal plan makes it possible to serve a nutritious and homemade dinner that satisfies kid's palates on parent's time tables.

What is an Easy Dinner Recipe?

  • Takes less than 45 minutes to get from grocery bag to table,
  • Uses simple cooking techniques,
  • Easy to find ingredients.

Quickly Find Easy Dinner Recipes

Food on the Table is a meal planning software that does the heavy lifting for you and your family. Our recipe recommender finds your family favorites including meatloaf, meatballs, penne bake, stuffed bell peppers and chicken enchiladas. If you want to escape the family food rut, search through thousands of recipes developed by our chefs to introduce variety into your nightly dinner table routine.

Here's how the meal planning system works:

  • Select your local grocery store,
  • Compare sales from the circulars at your favorite grocery stores,
  • Choose what sale items sound good to you,
  • Browse through thousands of easy dinner recipes that include your favorite foods,
  • Develop a meal plan around sale items,
  • View other printable grocery coupons for items you may want,
  • Print your grocery list or send it to your email account or iPhone.

Let Food on the Table develop a meal plan and grocery list for you from easy dinner recipes and grocery store sales. Sign up. It's free.

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