Organizing Cookware in Your Kitchen

Continuing with our organizing series, we’ve combined some tips to organize your cookware.  With all of the daily traffic we encounter during the day, why come home to traffic and clutter? Take 20 minutes out of your day and organize your cookware for ease and convenience.
Clean Out!
Take everything out of that way too small of [...]

Organizing Your Kitchen For Speed

Growing up, I really enjoyed cooking with my mother in her kitchen. When I moved into my own place, I quickly unpacked the boxes marked “Kitchen” and threw the plates, cups, spices and storage containers into any empty space. The first time I cooked in my own kitchen, I was a disaster. [...]

Frugal Friday: Outfitting a Kitchen for Less

I was reading The Finer Things in Life post on What We Really Need and I thought about the things that I wanted versus needed.  I enjoy cooking and I’m always lusting after fancy kitchen supplies and tools.  The Le Creuset Carribbean Blue Dutch Oven has been on my list, but do I really need [...]

Recipe Presentation: What Makes Recipes Easy to Read?

How do you prefer reading recipes?  I tend to muddle my way through any recipe that sounds appealing, but on the whole, I believe I am a traditionalist.  I like the title, then serving size, prep time, cook time, list of ingredients in order of use, and directions.
The Happy Housewife turned me on to step-by-step [...]

Meal Planning for Busy Spring Schedules

Daylight savings has come and gone, spring is upon us, and evening activities for kids are in full swing.  With so much daylight, sports practice and end-of-the-year events seem to be scheduled right during dinnertime.  What’s a mom to do?
Plan Ahead for each Weeknight Scenario
When you sit down to plan your meals for the week [...]