Step aside, Martha. Toni Anderson, the talented mom behind The Happy Housewife blog, is here to make being a mom/chef/family manager/budget officer look like a piece of affordable and delicious cake. From saving money to feeding a family, Food on the Table finds out more about the wonderwoman behind the blog.

Food on the Table: Where did the idea for your blog come from?
Toni Anderson:
I’d been blogging for about two years on a personal site and realized that all the tips I was sharing, recipes and DIY projects in real life would be much easier to share if I used a public forum.

FOTT: What are some of your earliest food memories from childhood?
My dad would bake coffee cakes, breads and cinnamons rolls during Christmastime, and we’d deliver them to people who were going through hard times. This sticks out to me because my dad was not a cook. I don’t remember him ever making a meal when I was little, but every Christmas we’d bake.

FOTT: If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be and why?
Tongs — they can do just about anything.

FOTT: What ’s in your fridge that you ‘d be embarrassed to tell people about?
Probably wine. Most of my friends don’t drink.

FOTT: If you could live off one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Pasta. It can be made so many different ways.

FOTT: What ’s something about yourself people would be surprised to hear?
I love frozen pizza — the cheaper, the better. But I don’t eat it often.

FOTT: What was your biggest kitchen failure?
Gnocchi. I tried to make it years ago and failed miserably!

FOTT: What ’s a common misconception people have about saving money at the grocery store?
Coupons are the best way to save money. I think menu planning is the best way to save money.

FOTT: What’ s your favorite part about your kitchen?
I have two pantries.

FOTT: What was your most memorable meal.
The first time I successfully grilled pizza. It was a beautiful evening, and we ate out on our deck. The kids were happy and playing as I grilled. It was a great night.

FOTT: What ’s your go-to dish?
Pasta, of course!

FOTT: How do you cook meals to please all seven of your kids?
I don’t. My kids eat what is served every night. I try to include something that each person likes with the meals, so if they don’t like the main dish at least they can fill up on the side. Or if I make broccoli, I also make green beans because not all the kids like broccoli. For the most part, my kids are good eaters. They know if they don’t eat it, they’ll be hungry!

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