One word this week:  grill.  It is so hot this week that I can’t stand to be in a hot kitchen.  I’m keeping the kitchen cool, and sending my SO outside to take the heat.

  • Monday:  Blackened Chicken with grilled corn
    This is really spicy, so I will only season one side of the chicken.
  • Tuesday:  Grilled Corn and Shrimp Salad
    I’ll take some extra grilled corn from Monday night and put it in this salad.  It will be a really refreshing dinner.
  • Wednesday:  Chicken Tacos with guacamole and pico de gallo
    Leftovers from last night’s chicken will make great chicken tacos!
  • Thursday:  Basil Tomato Shrimp with salad
    Leftover grilled shrimp will easily toss into whole wheat pasta, tomatoes, and basil.  We’ll probably be able to do this from our garden!
  • Friday:  Pizza Night
    Delivery it is!
  • Saturday:  Broiled Lamb Chops with grilled asparagus
    I can do this lamb chops on the grill and prepare the sauce stove side.
  • Sunday:  Chicken Sausage and Pear Skewers with green salad

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