Last week on our Frugal Friday post about Extreme Couponing, there was a discussion on how to save on fresh fruits and vegetables, since coupons for these items are rare.  The Prudent Homemaker brought up a great point.  She thinks the best way to save on produce is to grow your own.

Two years ago, the Wall Street Journal tried to estimate what a vegetable garden can save you.  The key:  keep your capital costs down.  They estimate putting in a raised bed with compost and soil is $80.  If you do this once, you’ll be reaping the benefits for years to come.

Burpee, a large seed provider, estimates if you spend $1 on the seeds of green beans, it will yield $75 worth of crops.  For $1 of potato seeds, you yield $5 of potatoes.

Variable costs include water, fertilizer, and pesticide.  One of the best ways to keep water costs down is a drip irrigation system.  If you install this yourself (instruction on Lifehacker).  It will cost around $100, but remember this is a capital cost.

Do you think you can make the math work on your garden?

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