Is meal planning something you wish you did, but you don’t know where to start?  I found some great blog posts that will help you get started.  I think these bloggers are some of the real mavens of the Meal Planning world and I turned to them for the best ideas to get into the meal-planning habit.

Life as Mom shares tips for the beginner.  Her step-by-step tutorial advises you to:

  • Consult your calendar to fill in events that affect meal times
  • Take inventory of what you have in your freezer, pantry, and refrigerator
  • Look to grocery ads for inspiration

The Happy Housewife dramatically decreased her grocery bill off of a high of $800 a month once she started menu planning.  Her top five pieces of advice are:

  • Ask your family what they feel like eating
  • Make a meal list
  • Make a weekly outline
  • Create themed meal nights
  • Just do it

Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures started meal planning because she needed to save money.  Now it saves her time and avoids the 5:00 panic.  When you’re getting started, she recommends:

  • Figuring out what works best for your family, it may be different than the family next door
  • Planning just for dinner, especially if you don’t eat at home three times a day
  • Starting with just Monday-Friday if you know you have crazy weekends
  • Planing by meal type if you don’t have a specific recipe so you’ll have some room for change.

Have you started meal planning?  Did you use these tips to get started?

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